Price: $695

Provice: Ontario
City: Grimsby
Type: Pets

A Morkie is Non-shedding and Hypoallergenic family companion. Our Morkies will grow to be under 9 pounds as an adult.

Our Promise

We understand that finding a puppy can be an exciting time. We also understand that there is a maze of options available at the click of a mouse. How do you ever know what is ?Best Practice? and what is shaky ground?
Here are the promises we make as a business with a solid reputation and experience,

We Promise:

1) Professional, flexible and knowledgeable service

2) Regulated care of parents and puppies in all kennels

3) Vet Health Certificate for all puppies

4) Puppy Health Record which documents date of birth, parents breed and size, immunizations and deworming schedules

5) Puppies are always 8 weeks of age or older when they leave their kennel of origin

6) Puppies are cared for in loving homes until they meet with their new families

7) All puppies have had stool samples taken and are determined by our Veterinarians to be free and clear of common parasites at the time of testing

8) All puppies are inspected by two independent veterinarians before they are released for sale

9) All puppies are micro chipped with a prepaid lifetime registration paid for by us in advance

10) ?We Let Your Vet Decide Policy? If you bring your puppy to your Vet of choice within three days of purchase and your puppy is deemed unfit for sale (see definition of ?unfit? in guarantee letter) you will receive a full refund.

11) 1 Year Genetic Health Guarantee

12) 7 Day General Health Guarantee

13) Your puppy is brought to you with the intent of creating a loving connection between pet and family. We honor the tremendous role that a puppy can play in your life and we focus on creating a space that serves this purpose.

14) We are there to support you in bringing home your puppy and are available to answer questions once you bring your puppy into your life.

If these promises matter to you and the time is right, please give us a call!

Our Certified Puppy Placement Agents are ready to walk you through the process of finding your new source of love and healing. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have:


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