Sobie is a beautiful orange and white cat. I found him as a stray and we took him in. i do beleive he was once a house cat becasue he is litter trained and extremly friendly. Every night i sit with him and he falls asleep in my lap. He is not destructive, I've had him in the house for about 2 months and he has never destroyed anything, we've had to keep him in our family room becaus ehe does not get along with cats. Sobie needs to go to a home with NO other cats, no exeptions. because he was a stray he is use to defending himself and will go after another cat is he sees one. however he is good with dogs if they are calm and dont get up in his face. He lays with my dog from time to time and he has no problems with her. I do already have two cats so we can not keep him. Sobie should be an inside cat, he will stay inside and he really enjoys sitting in a window and taking long naps. The perfect home for Sobie would be an elder person or some that just wants someone to cuddle with them.
(P.s i had to put in date of birth but i do not know how old he is.)
If you are interesred in Sobie you can email me. Thank you